• 2018 Course Calendar Launched

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    Winter is when the Virgin Islands are at their best. Check out our week-long programs. This is a sailing vacation where you can level up and become a skipper.

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    Go from zero to, well, seven days better than zero with this intense ASA Bareboat Skipper course. ps. thanks Michael Vanarey for this shot.

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  • Advanced 106 Coastal Yachtmaster Course

    Cross Caribbean Adventure Sailing

    Our July 2018 course is now open. This is degustation ocean sailing: full Atlantic conditions, then landing in a new country, finding a great restaurant, then some land-based adventure. Rinse and repeat. As unique as it is epic. ps. thanks Michael Vanarey for this shot!

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  • A week in the British Virgin Islands

    Yoga + Sailing

    Our recent Yoga+Sail week held in April was awesome. Our next is in November. Indulge in a week of yoga and sailing, around the islands of the BVI. Contact us to register interest.

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  • We freakin love it


    Sailing is one of the coolest things you can do. Sailing Virgins is here to bring the cool back into sailing. Bring it.

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    An intensive seven-day liveaboard program to attain the ASA 105 Coastal Navigation and 106 Advanced Coastal Cruising Certificate.

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    The Hat

    Let it be known just what a Virgin you are.Now with FREE SHIPPING in the US


Want to become a Skipper?

That’s probably why you’re here and it’s certainly why we’re here.  There are a few paths to becoming a skipper.  We offer the path that has clear, blue water, warm temperatures, consistent breeze and a relaxed yet professional approach to sailing.  Sailing Virgins aims to take the stuffiness out of sailing.  We aim to bring the cool back into this awesome sport.

why sail with sailing virgins?

four good reasons

Consistent Wind

Consistent Wind

The Virgin Islands are legendary for their consistent "Goldilocks" breeze - perfect conditions for sailing.

Warm Water

Warm Water

One of the best places in the world to drop an anchor and immediately plunge into the clear blue water. Ahhhh...

Beautiful Islands

Beautiful Islands

With some of the top beaches in the world (according to Tripadvisor), you can mix sailing with sunbathing.

No Shouting

No Shouting

Our instruction is chilled. We don't shout. It's all good. 😉


A day on the water...


Most of our students want to tie in a fantastic vacation with an opportunity to learn a new skill. To this end our Fast-Track courses, over seven days, are the most popular. If you're looking to mix adventure with your sailing course, we run an inter-island course where you stop at some of the more beautiful islands in the Caribbean.

7 day Fast-Track Skipper Course

7 day Fast-Track Skipper Course

Over an intensive seven day period, move from intermediate sailor to proficient cruising skipper. Add an ICC/IPC exam and you can charter bareboats anywhere in the world.

7 day Advanced Fast-Track Course

7 day Advanced Fast-Track Course

Go deep with this intensive seven day course that starts at bareboat skipper level and finishes with an exam to Advanced Coastal Cruising level.

Caribbean Sailing Adventure Course

Caribbean Sailing Adventure Course

Most Yachtmaster courses run around bays in one location. This Yachtmaster will take you across the entire Caribbean island chain. There is nothing else like this course.

Bob Conner

Bob Conner

James, you are asking me if I can captain a yacht, and you know what, I now know that I can definitely do it. Yes!!

Doug Perry


Had a *blast* from start to finish ... Highly recommend to all ... Sea ya later, hope to meet ya'll again !!! Skipper Doug Perry

Gary Tjong Akiet

The last week has been freakin awesome. Best sails ever - night sails were the cream; I'm definitely coming back for 106, 107...whatever's after that!

David M


I got back a few days ago from the ASA Fast-track to Bareboat Cruising class. I've been sailing with friends for 7 years on a 31' foot sailboat and I kept thinking that I wanted to step up my game with some serious sailing skills. ...I highly recommend this course.