Sailing & Yoga in the British Virgin Islands

Sailing and Yoga are related. Both involve nature. More than that, yoga and sailing involve a connection with nature. A harnessing of sorts. With that in mind we are organising our first yoga sailing week.

It isn’t actually our first. Last year with friends Liz, Maya and Tyler, we ran a pilot called The Soul Sail. It was a great week. We aim to build on what we learned last year. In summary this is a week of daily yoga and meditation, sailing around the BVI, finding the occasional party and meeting new friends.

yoga sailing

Thanks Michael Vanarey and The Soul Sail for this image

We will offer a smorgasbord of activities. You can be as chilled or as active as you like. Whether you’re a vegan or a carnivore, we aim for this week to be one of gustatory splendour (…darling).

“Everything in moderation. Including moderation”.

…we love that, from Oscar Wilde

Itinerary – A Typical Day

7:00 am     Yoga led by Tammy

8:30 am     Savasana meshing into Meditation led by James

9:00 am     Breakfast of fresh fruit, bircher muesli, eggs, spinach

10:00 am   Sail to a Lunch Spot

1:00 pm     Lunch and Snorkel

2:00 pm     Afternoon Sail (or afternoon activities)

4:00 pm     Afternoon Mini Yoga

6:00 pm     Dinner

8:00 pm     Evening Activities

Yoga Sailing Adventure Week

We all meet on the Saturday evening at the Fish n Lime Inn, which is a walk away from the West End ferry terminal in Tortola (you can take a ferry direct to West End from St Thomas, where most people fly into). We finish on the following Saturday at midday. 

Email us for more info.

Route Plan

Our route takes us around the major islands of the British Virgin Islands. Starting in Tortola on Saturday evening, we will sail to the islands of Virgin Gorda, Anegada, Jost van Dyke and Norman. There we will explore the bays and peaks of these islands. We end a week later, on Saturday morning, back at the Fish n Lime in Tortola.

The Boat and Captain

Libertas is a Beneteau First 40 racer/cruiser. She is a joy to sail. Celine made this video recently on the same boat. Your captain is a sailing instructor who has intimate knowledge of the BVIs. Each night we will find ourselves in a different bay. The toilet is electric (= awesome) and yet we still aim to offer land-based amenities on most evenings/mornings.

The Food & Wine

Food and wine are an important part of our lives! Life is too short to squander on poor quality food and wine. We aim to find the freshest ingredients along with the vintages we love, and further our culinary skills with good energy. We will eat out at least half the nights.

The Yoga Instructor

There will be at least one qualified yoga instructor on the boat. S/he will lead yoga sessions each day. Yoga-wise we are broad; we love hatha and vinyasa amongst other styles.

The Fellow Travelers

We have found that anyone doing such a trip is going to be a certain type of person: open minded, easy-going, healthy, fit. As such it is a certainty that you will make new friendships that are substantial. This is always an exciting prospect! We try to maintain a ratio of guys to girls to keep things balanced out. As this is the first time we will do this, and as all the requests so far have been from girls, it may be a bit female-centric this first time.

The Evenings

Our evenings offer a mix of things. One night we might have a fire on the beach, pull out a guitar and red wine and chat. Another night we will find a pub on an island and get into a bit of dancing. The key for us is not to force anything. Rather just to let the week unfold. To enjoy each others’ company.

The Activities

Although this is primarily about sailing and yoga, there are plenty more activities to do in the British Virgin Islands. Snorkeling, scuba, free diving, hiking, cycling and horseback riding are all possibilities. We would love to find some climbing crags and skydiving but these are works in progress.

The Yoga Practice

Tammy is a qualified yoga teacher focussing on Vinyasa. We are expecting at least one more yoga teacher to join us. If you are that person you are more than welcome to lead a practice if you like!

The Cost

We want this week to be as affordable as a week spent skiing.

The main cost of $1,510 includes:

  • all accommodation on board for 6 nights and 7 days
  • yoga instructor and skipper for 6 nights and 7 days
  • food and wine included for 7 days (we will basically split our grocery bill – we will seed it with a $200 per person kitty).

Things like alcohol are cheap in the BVIs (low tax).

Click here to learn more. This will take you to an email to start the conversation.

If you like you can pay an additional $250 and get your basic sailing certification as well (your skipper is also a qualified sailing instructor).

If you’d still like more of a sailing adventure, consider our Cuba Sailing Adventure we are organising in November.