Four good reasons to choose Sailing Virgins

Why do others say Sailing Virgins is the best school in the Caribbean? And why should you spend your precious vacation time with us? Here are four good reasons. Plus a few more.

1. Instructors

The instructor is the single most important aspect of your sailing course. You want someone who is great with people and who knows their sailing. All Sailing Virgins instructors come from working seasons as skippers and instructors at legendary sailing events company The Yacht Week. They have known founder James Kell for years. They get on with pretty much everyone. They know how to win a regatta. And they know how to have a good time.

2. The Alumni Network

In many ways, sailing is just a platform. One of the biggest benefits of this platform is the network of people you meet. Sailing Virgins has an active alum network; one that provides value long after your course has finished. Sailing Virgins Alums are typically 20-40ish, professional, adventurous and with a healthy amount of irreverence. One alum event Sailing Virgins sponsors each year is the Sailing Virgins Week in the British Virgin Islands. At $500 per person for the week this is one of the cheapest, best weeks you are going to have, sailing with your old buddies and meeting new ones. We do this for the alums.

3. Location

If you live on the east coast of the US or Canada, you probably want somewhere that can be reached easily, especially if you want to come back and sail again with your newly-forged sailing buddies. There is no more convenient place than the Virgin Islands for such an experience. In just four hours non-stop from New York, you can go from frigid to free-ball.

4. Our Style

Many sailing schools are just there for the basic sailing. Sailing Virgins is social. The way we do this is to cater to people in their 20s-40s. Crank the music up, let’s have a great week. This is where instruction meets fun.

The above are four important factors to consider.

But there’s more; the boat you learn on is one of them. You want a decent boat: one that can sail well, rather than a heavy old plodding cruiser that some schools use. Sailing Virgins’ main training yacht is a racer/cruiser built in France. At only six years old she is much younger than your typical school boat.

Plus we offer some extras to make it a truly awesome week:

Sailing Virgins Extras

5. Professional Photographer

Towards the end of your course we engage a professional photographer to make a few hero images of yours. Hello, next awesome FB/IG profile shot.

6. Kit (starting March 2018)

When you step on the boat, you will have a Sailing Virgins kit bag awaiting you, with waterproof bag, t-shirt and cap. And if you miss out this season, get yours when you come back for your Alum Sailing Week (see point 2 above).

7. Drinks

We like wine. Not just cheap wine, but a decent sundowner every evening on sunset.

This is not just a week of sailing lessons; this is a week of awesome.

Whether you’re new to sailing, want to become a Bareboat Skipper or would like more Advanced Coastal Cruising, we’re here for you. If Adventure Sailing floats your boat, we can show you what one of those trips looks like.