Something Special

We reckon there is something special going on here.  Sailing is no longer just a monohull owned by stuffy old rich dudes doing ten knots.  It’s getting faster for one.  Sailing nowadays can also mean a catamaran sailed by a guy and girl team, foiling at 30 knots. Or take the America’s Cup.  Only twenty years ago it was considered fast when an America’s Cup yacht did 15 knots.  Now they are reaching 45 knots.  Teams are getting engineers from Formula 1 to help them win this competition.  It’s a whole different game.

In other words, sailing is changing. For the better. It’s getting much, much faster. And many more people are getting into it.

This excites us.  We were born in this new environment.  Not only do we get this new world of sailing, we understand what you want to get out of a course.  To learn sailing is one thing.  But to learn how to be an effective skipper is a whole nother bag of tricks. That other bag of tricks – the so-called “soft skills” – are a big part of what we teach.  In many ways the soft skills are more important than the actual sailing skills.  If our alumni are going to be sailing their families around on their vacation, we want to make sure that not only is the boat sailed well but that there is harmony aboard baby.

These soft skills are also effective off the boat.  In other words on our courses you won’t just learn sailing; you’ll pick up life hacks. Life hacks that will help you think differently.  To be more effective when leading people and dealing with stressful situations. What’s an example? Take preparation for instance. If you bring a boat alongside with the crew all knowing exactly what they need to do, with lines in the right place, with plan B and plan C thought out, then you will never, ever need to shout in anger. That’s a good thing.  And a great metaphor for how to kick ass back in your day job.

Where we are

We run our courses in the Caribbean, principally in Tortola, the main island of the British Virgin Islands, and in Martinique.  The BVI are located in the Caribbean, just to the east of US islands Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

The Instructors all met while working for legendary sailing event company The Yacht Week.  They are all certified with a mixture of RYA, ASA and IYT certifications.  Click here to read more about the instructors.

Sailing Virgins accredited with the prestigious American Sailing Association and the technology leader NauticEd.  These organisations offer internationally recognised sailing certifications.  We also work in close collaboration with our friends at Virgin Islands Sailing School.  If you’d like to focus on catamaran instruction, talk to these guys!


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Image: Michael Vanarey