Sailing Virgins – What We’re About

That’s pretty simple.  We’re about sharing what we love: sailing and everything that goes with it.

James Kell, Senior Instructor

James started sailing as a boy with his family in New Zealand.  The Bay of Islands contains fantastic sailing grounds and is an excellent nursery for a sailor.  Fast forward a few years, cross the Atlantic a few times, and James is now running things at Sailing Virgins.

Leaving corporate life in 2012, James spent a few summers working for legendary (and, in the best way, notorious) sailing events company The Yacht Week, including as Route Manager of Greece in 2015.  James holds senior instructor qualifications with all of the top three global sailing organisations: ASA (Advanced Coastal Skipper and Catamaran Instructor), IYT and RYA (Yachtmaster Instructor).

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“I love sailing and get a kick out of sharing what I know with people who are keen to learn.”

James Kell, confirmed tree-hugger, callsign “Carpe Diem”.

Rubrio Basilio, Sailing Instructor

Born and bred on the Portuguese island paradise of Madeira, as a boy Rubrio was never far from the water. Before he entered high school, Rubrio would sail long stretches with his father and brother in the ocean surrounding Madeira. More recently he has worked as part of the ground crew for several high profile sailing teams in the Volvo and Extreme Sailing Series. Rubrio has also worked as a skipper at The Yacht Week. Rubrio holds sailing instructor qualifications (including catamaran endorsement) with the American Sailing Association.

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“Is this where I say something profound?”

Rubrio, callsign “Clooney” keeping it real

Rupert Covell, Sailing Instructor

This is Rupert. He’s from Yorkshire. He’s a special kid our Rupert. Like all Sailing Virgins instructors, Rupert has spent a few seasons working as a skipper for The Yacht Week. More recently he and a few partners started The BucketLust: a week of sailing plus the odd party every now and then. Rupert hails from the UK and holds instructor qualifications (including catamaran endorsement) with the American Sailing Association.

rupert covell instructor sailing virgins

“I wish I was an Australian”

This is what happens when your quote is written by your boss. Rupert Covell, callsign “Maverick”.

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Clinton van der Linden, Sailing Instructor

Hailing from the sunny climes of South Africa, Clinton knows how to combine thoroughness in tuition with fun.  Not only does Clinton have his RYA cruising instructor certification, he is also a PADI dive instructor.  If you want to spice up your instruction week with a dive or two, Clinton’s your man.

clinton van der linden sailing virgins

“Sailing in the BVIs is the BEST.  As for the diving, next level…!”

Clinton van der Linden, callsign “Medsailor”

Dale Geddes, Sailing Instructor

From protagonist to shotgun-shiner, Dale now faces the real prospect that his little girl will follow in daddy’s sailing footsteps.  That would be a good thing, as pretty much everyone who comes across Dale in the sailing world loves him.  Dale is one hundred percent positive.  Which is a handy thing in a sailing instructor.  Dale also loves to race.  In fact he is sizing up to be main trimmer on one of this year’s Hobart contenders.  He also holds his Cruising Instructor with the RYA, cross-certifiable to the major accreditation organisations.
dale geddes
“Is there anything better than getting smashed by a Force 9 sea-state while sitting on the rail in the dark crossing an ocean?  If there is let me know.”
Dale Geddes, confirmed masochist, callsign “DILF”

Thanks Michael Vanarey for the photo of Jamie and half the shots on this site and The Soul Sail for clearing them.  Vanarey is awesome!