Calendar of Courses

The year-by-month calendar below shows you when the various courses are being held.


sailing virgins calendar march 2017

sailing virgins calendar april 2017

sailing virgins calendar may 2017

sailing virgins calendar june 2016

sailing virgins calendar july 2017 up-island adventure sail

The three Fast-Track courses displayed in the calendar are

These are all seven-day courses.  Fast-Track courses commence on Sunday morning.  At 9:30am you will meet your instructor; he will take you to the boat.  Once your things are on the boat you will receive a safety briefing.  If provisioning is part of your program this is done at a supermarket nearby.  We try to start sailing at around midday.  You’re off for the week!  Every night we head to a different bay.  There are provisions available throughout the week so no worries if something was forgotten.