About Us

Sailing Virgins opened our doors in 2016.  Sailing-wise, we are in the Caribbean, mainly in the British Virgin Islands but also Martinique and as far south as Grenada.  We are a collective of sailors who met while working for the largest, most awesome sailing event company in the world, European Travel Ventures.

We are affiliates with the American Sailing Association (ASA) and NauticEd.  We also work closely with legendary sailing school Virgin Islands Sailing School.

Philosophically we believe in positive energy.  We think sailing is one of the coolest things that a family or group of friends can do together.  Sailing to us is all about spreading this good energy!  We teach in bite-size chunks.  Rather than a few big lessons to “nail sailing”, we operate from the principal that sailing is ten thousand small lessons.  The joy is when students collect those little lessons.  We can set you up well to begin that journey.

Where We Sail

Our two favourite cruising grounds are the British and US Virgin Islands and the Grenadines.  Both are at opposite ends of the legendary Eastern Caribbean; possibly the best place in the world to learn sailing.

The Virgin Islands are a sailor’s paradise: easy connections to St Thomas from major US hubs means you can visit them over a long weekend if time is tight.

The Grenadines are further away and therefore less travelled.  As such they provide empty beaches, friendly locals and fabulous sailing conditions for the more adventurous sailors.

Our Courses

Most of our students wish to become bareboat skippers in the fastest, most efficient way.  They want to do this while having a great time in a warm climate!  Makes sense really.  Click here if you would like to read more about our Fast-Track Courses.  Click here if you would like to be taken directly to the seven day Fast-Track for Bareboat Skipper course.